An audiobook without the book

Audiobookeditors offers a unique service. We record and edit live audio and edit the content with exacting detail. The audio is then structured into a cohesive audiobook. Once the audio is approved the content is transcribed and a book editor brings it to its final form. A cover is designed and the product is prepared for upload. The work is done. The book is complete.

In addition to audio Audiobookeditors offers a video recording and editing service. The live presentations are recorded on video and edited into finished lectures with graphics. Audiobookeditors will set up a YouTube channel that will direct traffic to the author’s website for additional video sales.



 It was through this project that Becky gained the technical skills required to make an audiobook. After over 10 years of editing and producing audiobooks, Becky is one of the experts in the audiobook creation field.

Becky Neiman, owner of audiobookeditors developed this genre of audiobook and video in the early 2000s before self-publishing platforms were in existence.  As soon as the platforms were established, the content had already been created and it was ready for upload. The video and audio are available on Amazon, Youtube and on a dedicated website for direct sales.