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Audio Book Editing

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Audiobook editing is a craft and an art. The audiobook editor is responsible for removing all distractions, so that the listener experiences no impediments to the absorption of the material. To that end, the audiobook editor removes mouth noise, heavy breaths, stomach noises, studio noises, clicks, bumps and thumps. The audio editor can compensate for problems in recording by removing plosive sounds and lip smacks. The pacing of the read can also be adjusted to ensure consistency and fluidity. Any corrections that the audio editor cannot complete are submitted to the narrator or producer in a detailed corrections or "pickups" report.



Did you know that an average pause between paragraphs ranges from 1.2 – 1.5 seconds? A natural pause in a sentence is around :07 seconds, a short pause is :05 seconds. Can you hear the difference between .09 and 1.1 seconds? And experienced audiobook editor can. It is this kind of second-nature knowledge that makes the audiobook editor such a valuable part of your audiobook creation team.


The subtle noises that naturally occur when a person records their voice can be distracting to listeners and pull them away from the content. “What’s that mouth noise?”, “Is that a dog I hear?”, “I think I hear construction next door.” These are reactions you do not want from a listener while they are immersing themselves in an audiobook.


An experienced audiobook editor can make up for deficiencies in recording by expertly splicing words and fixing sentences so that even some performance mistakes can be fixed without need for a pick up. ensures that its editors use only the best audio sounds cards and headphones, so that every pop click and thump can be detected and removed. Noisy audio is treated with noise removal software whose algorithms tune into the unique soundprint of your recording so you can get rid of the bad and keep the best.

What we offer:


  • Audio is edited to conform to the script

  • A corrections report is created

  • Final corrections are made until the audiobook is approved 

  • Files are mastered to spec

  • File conversions are created that are ready for upload

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