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Audiobook Proofing Services​

The audiobook editor will compile a detailed report of any problems found that can't be fixed through editing. The audio will then be processed by an electronic proofing service to ensure the highest level of accuracy. This report will include areas of noise, pronunciation, diction, misreading of the text or any other issues that either distract from the content or where the recording does not conform to the original manuscript. Pickups for the narrator are provided online or through a pickup packet which includes audio samples, highlighted script and spreadsheet with a description of each note.



The wonderful part of audiobook productions is that everything is examined and checked several times over. There are no short cuts to the end of the audiobook, and by the time the process is finished, the publisher of the audiobook should be proud of the result without any fear of presenting their product to the market.


The process of audiobook production involves multiple stages: the reader prepares their performance, the editor reviews and fixes that performance and the producer gives an additional review to catch anything missed by the reader and editor. This process has to be efficiently organized in order for the process to run smoothly and all changes implemented into the final product.


The spreadsheet is designed to track changes and convey the information in the most efficient and easy-to-follow format. Text is highlighted in the original script, a sound sample of the section is exported and the details of chapter, page number, location in the timeline, and specifics about the problem are listed on the spreadsheet report. Every item is cross-referenced and checked before submission.


Once the narrator submits the corrected audio, the audiobook editor can turn around the corrections in records time by following our organizational system.

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