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Becky Neiman Producer
Becky Neiman Editor

About Becky Neiman 

Becky Neiman, owner of Audiobookeditors, has spent her entire career as a content creator both on the creative as well as the technical side. As a writer/producer in the advertising department of Sony Music and Polygram records, Becky wrote copy and created promotional materials in print, audio and video for a variety of artists ranging from Earth Wind and Fire to the Indigo Girls.


After moving to Los Angeles Becky devoted herself to independent projects and freelance work which gave her the freedom to pursue ambitious productions.

In addition to writing articles and documentary work, Becky encouraged her late father, historian Dr. David Neiman, to move to Los Angeles after his retirement. She proceeded to record his lectures to preserve his amazing body of work that had not been published. The resulting recordings created 5 audiobooks, 16 videos, a YouTube channel and a publishing deal with Biblical Archaeology Society for a series on DVD, “Discovering Genesis and the Origins of the Biblical World”.

It was through this project that Becky gained the technical skills required to make an audiobook. After over 10 years of editing and producing audio, Becky is one of the experts in the audiobook creation field.

Becky Neiman’s experience in writing, producing and editing spans decades ensuring the highest level product that will find a place in today’s media market.

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