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At audiobookeditors, we deliver expertly crafted audiobooks that are ready for upload. Our clients can be confident in receiving top-tier audiobook services from dedicated professionals who handle all editing, revisions, and turnarounds swiftly. This allows you, the artist, producer, or writer, more time to focus on your next project.


More Than Technicians


We are not just technicians. We value creative minds with the education and experience to address pronunciation nuances, navigate challenging language, and expertly handle sophisticated literary works.


Tell Us About Your Project


- Are you an author or looking for a narrator?

- How long is your manuscript?

- How many chapters does it have?

- What is your deadline?


Discussing Costs


The price is determined by the final running time of the edit and the complexity of the project. We will draft an agreement before commencing production.


Our Process


Whether you want to record your own book or need to cast a professional audiobook narrator, we’ll guide you through the entire audiobook creation process.


The Edit


Your recording will be edited to perfection. We will remove loud breaths, mouth noises, retakes, and plosives, and ensure uniform spacing between headings, paragraphs, and sections.


Proofing Process


The quality and accuracy of the audio will be meticulously reviewed. We will create a report, make necessary corrections, and insert them seamlessly.




The audio will be optimized and the final files will be prepared for upload.

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