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Audiobook Creation

The audiobook industry has been expanding and growing in the double digits for years. People are listening to audiobooks in their cars, homes and on their phones, tablets and computers. From children who find drive-time more relaxing with a story, to adults who lose themselves in an exotic audio landscape while exercising at the gym – audiobooks are everywhere and you can be part of that trend.

Audiobookeditors delivers expertly crafted audiobooks that are ready for upload. Our clients can be confident that they are receiving audiobook services from dedicated professionals who can tackle the job, all revisions and turnarounds in record time. That leaves you, the artist, producer or writer, more time to move on to your next project. 


Our audiobook editors are more than just technicians. We value creative minds with a wide range of skills, education and experience who have the trained ear of an audiobook services professional and can listen critically and create the highest quality audiobook listening experience possible.

Becky Neiman, Producer/Editor

Becky Neiman, Owner Audiobookeditors

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